Our Background

The property valuation in South Africa has some challenges. The industry, like many others in our country does not reflect the demographics of our nation. Valuation jobs are often given to other professionals like lawyers and accountants etc. who subsequently sub-contract property valuers to execute the jobs. The private sector has a biased approach wherein the majority of the work is not distributed proportionally and the Preferential Procurement Element of the B-BBEE Act is rarely taken into account. African candidate valuers historically struggled to become professional valuers because they do not get the industry pertinent ‘hands-on’ training qualifying them to become professionals, very minimal progress has been made in this regard. The general public lack knowledge on the property valuation as an industry as a consequence fall prey to other professionals who allege that they can value a property. It is against this as backdrop that the BPVA was formed to address the historic and legacy imbalances within the property valuation industry.
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South African Council for
the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP)



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